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    S2S Pixel Flow

    When a partner utilizes a tracking link, the end user follows the following journey

    1. User clicks on a unique tracking link…
    2. Intelitics server appends a unique dynamic variable for every click, called a ClickID, and performs a redirect to the operator’s site (Landing Page)…
    3. When the visitor reaches the landing page, the Click ID is collected and stored on Operator’s Server
    4. User registers/deposits
    5. Operator makes a server side call to Intelitics instance via postback URL (Including the Click ID variable)
    6. Intelitics server registers the conversion and all appended click data
    7. Conversion data exists in reporting in the platform

    Link Structure

    Base URI{tracking_id}

    Required Parameters

    • tracking_id
      • Type: uuid (eg.: d34bc2e4-9159-47a2-acd8-1f72b37f88a2)
      • The unique ID identifying the partner and the creative the user clicked

    Optional Parameters

    • type
      • Type: [“cpv”, “display”, “email”, “instagram”, “native”, “pop”, “ppc”, “push”, “snapchat”, “social”]
      • Type of marketing done by the partner which the user came from
    • SubIDs: s1, s2, s3, s4, s5
      • Our tracking links support 5 available subIDs for a partner to pass relevant campaign data or parameters needed for their individual pixel needs

    Example URI

    Required parameter example:

    Optional Parameter Example:

    Creating a Partner’s Tracking Link

    Once an offer is correctly set up and a partner agreement is added, a partner’s tracking link can be created. This can either be pulled by the admin/account manager, or in the partners login.

    1. When viewing an offer click the “creatives tab”
    2. Find the creative desired and click the link button
    3. If using an admin view, select the partner
    4. Select the “Marketing Type” – this is the type of traffic that will be driving user acquisition to the given offer. Multiple tracking links can be created with various marketing types using a single tracking ID
    5. Click Generate link add on any optional parameters above.

    Recommended Tracking Link SubID Structure

    We recommend the following structure for a partners tracking links:


    • s1= Highest level of campaign hierarchy / (eg. partner/accountID)
    • s2= 2nd level (eg. Campaign)
    • s3= 3rd level (eg. Ad Set)
    • s4=Most granular level of campaign hierarchy (eg. Ad ID)
    • s5= unique click ID required for S2S postback

    Example: &s1=account1&s2=campaign2&s3=adset3&s4=ad4&s5=postbackParameter5

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