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    Conversion Tracking – Placing Smart Pixels

    Clicks are updated with new conversion details through a “smart pixel”. This is a static URL that is given the click’s unique ID along with conversion details, such as registration or deposit information.

    Use this when a click ID already exists and a conversion should be added / updated to that click.

    Base URI{click_id}

    Required Parameters

    • type
      • Type: [“install”, “registration”, “deposit”]
      • The type of conversion being reported. Conversions are linear, but can skip any step in this process if that type of event is not wanted or not available to be tracked
    • click_id
      • Type: uuid
      • Intelitics generated unique ID of the initial impression or click

    Optional Parameters

    • test
      • Type: boolean
      • Settings this parameter to “true” will process the call and redirect to the correct tracking link, but without storing the conversion in the database
    • player_id
      • Type: string
      • A custom player ID from your gaming platform for tracking purposes
    • currency (“deposit” type events only)
      • Type: [“eur”, “usd”, “gbp”]
      • Currency code the deposit was made in
    • amount (“deposit” type events only)
      • Type: float
      • The amount of money made for the deposit
    • time
      • Type: ISO8601 datetime string
      • The time the conversion occurred. By default, the current time will be used. This parameter should only be used in cases where an old event is being reported, possibly from a failed pixel fire

    Example URI

    Example Responses


    HTTP Code: 202
    Body: <empty>

    Error (Invalid type)

    HTTP Code: 422
    “error”: “Parameter ‘type’ must be one of [install, registration, deposit]”

    Error (Invalid amount)

    HTTP Code: 422
    “error”: “Parameter ‘amount’ must be a number”

    Error (Invalid currency)

    HTTP Code: 422
    “error”: “Parameter ‘currency’ must be one of [USD, GBP, EUR]”

    Implementation Options

    There are multiple options for using this URL to track click updates or conversions. All options perform the same function.


    This is a piece of code that is placed directly on a page after a user converts at various defined events (install, registration, deposit). It fires the request as the page loads.


    The conversion URL can be requested directly from JavaScript running on the user’s browser. This is useful if the user’s browser page does not change once they have converted. A script can be added to your offer page’s code to update Intelitics on the conversion. This can be done asynchronously as well, so it does not block the user or affect the load speed of your page.

    Server to Server

    This URL can also be requested directly from any server. However, since the request is not being sent from the user’s browser, Intelitics will not be able to record metadata information and session specific values from the user (e.g. IP address, geolocation information, referrer URL).

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