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5 Metrics That Will Improve Your Acquisition Efficiencies

When starting with performance analysis of UA activity, a focus on high-level data points such as CPA goals, revenue, and ROI is common, but those high-level data points are really more your goals than the method by which you can achieve them.

As natives of the iGaming space, we’ve spent years focused on what great user acquisition, affiliate management, and iGaming digital marketing attribution tools can do. We did this because we were frustrated at not being able to easily access the information we needed to run effective campaigns at scale.

When we built Intelitics, we were focused on a solution that allowed you rapid, realtime access to your data, easy ways to evaluate it, make informed decisions, and then act on those.

These are five metrics we’ve defined that will allow you to make smart decisions about your campaign management and propel you to further success. By looking at data on a deeper more granular level you can focus your efforts on the activities that are really driving your larger goals.

  • Knowing where your customers are coming from and how they’re accessing your product is extremely important and a metric that often doesn’t get enough attention is device-level data. So let’s break down why this can be so helpful. Firstly it allows you to know where you are getting your best and worst quality traffic by operating system, there’s also the ability to determine user characteristics based on device and build a larger profile of the demographic which can fuel further insights.
    An important metric to monitor is your deposit payback to CPA ratios over time. It’s important to check this at various points, for example, day 1,3,7,15,30. Once you do this you can begin to model similar customers and thereby predict which activity is likely to be more effective
  • We also believe in tracking placement level campaign data. This ensures you are scaling or cutting traffic at a granular level and not full campaigns. It’s common to pause campaigns whilst evaluating but this can mean putting successful activity on hold too. If you evaluate on these terms, this is where you really dial in ROI.
  • We all know the importance of Lifetime Player Value (LTV) data, but this also should be defined by traffic type and traffic source. When you do this, you can truly understand what’s of the greatest value and to allow you to define the characteristics of your ideal player and know where to find them.
  • Cohort data is also very valuable for helping to make informed decisions about subsets of behavioral analytics that take the data from a given data set and rather than looking at all users as one unit, it breaks them into related groups for analysis. These insights are great indicators of the quality of your audience over time.

Have any questions about these metrics? Or have queries about how you can more effectively track and evaluate your campaigns? Reach out to one of our team for a demo and see how you can improve your acquisition tactics today.

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